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[Friend of Small World Sports]

Smallworld Hoops

Smallworld Hoops is a free fantasy game using NBA players. You can find out more about this game at

Here's what I have to offer to help you manage your Smallworld Hoops team:


Daily blurbs: A quick thought or two on current ideas and observations

Stars & Stiffs: Yesterday's most notable performers

Yesterday: Listing the SWP output for every playerfor the prior day's games.

Summary Player Stats: Updated stats which are tailored to the Smallworld Hoops scoring system

Top 50 Rosters: See who is on the rosters of the top 50 Smallworld teams

Top 20Games: The best twenty individual games for the season.

Dream Teams: The best teams that money can buy, based on recent pricing

Hoop Pointers: A series of essays on strategy

Feedback: Comments from other Smallworld managers


OK, you've got the ball. Shoot!


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