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RotoGuru Status Update

RotoGuru.com is back in production. Reports and the Assimilator will be updated shortly. Thank for your patience.

11/4 - I hope to regain the ability to update the regular website today. Meanwhile, I'm working on an analysis of the best possible draft roster. Using total SWP through the first 9 weeks, the task is to assemble the highest producing roster using draft prices, a limit of $50 million and no subsequent trades. IPO players added after opening day are not eligible for inclusion. And ignore the -325 deduction for the defense's bye, since all defenses have exactly one bye. If you want to take a crack at it yourself, I've prepared a text file with all of the necessary data which you can download by clicking here. Once you have your best effort, email it to me and I'll let you know whether it's the best submission so far. Winner gets mentioned in a blurb. (It doesn't get much better than that!)

(By the way, I've come up with a draft roster that would currently rank #1 worldwide - excluding the -325 bye charge for the defense.)

11/3 - OK, here's the deal.

For now, I've posted the summary stats tables at this alternate site. Please note the following:

I won't be updating the Assimilator here, since the roster cookies wouldn't be accessible from this domain. For now, you're stuck with the standard Assimilator, which is only updated through Sunday's games.

All other reports at the regular RotoGuru site continue to be available, but will only reflect stats through Sunday Night's games.

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