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Smallworld Hoops - Guru's Second Chance Leagues

As of the evening (Sugar Bowl halftime) 1/1, here are the leagues which have formed, or are forming. Each league can hold a maximum of ten teams. You can click on a league's link below to see whether there are still open slots:

Guru's 2nd Chance League - full
Guru's 2nd Chance ALSO - full
Guru's 2nd Chance again - full
GuRu's 2nd Chance League IV - full
Guru's 2nd Chance League V - full
Guru's 2nd Chance League VI - full
Guru's 2nd Chance League VII - full
Guru's 2nd Chance IX - full
guru second chance 8 - full
guru second chance 9 - full
Guru's Second Chance II - full
Guru's second chance #3 - full
Guru's 2nd Chance for White Plains - full
Guru's 2nd Chance *** - full
Guru's 2nd chance, the finale - full
Guru's 2nd chance, The redemption - full
Guru's Second Chance League X - full
Guru's 2nd Chance Florida League - full
Guru's 2nd Chance League VIII - full
Guru's Second Chance -GAME SEVEN - full
Guru's 2nd Chance #11 - full
Guru's 2nd Chance #12 - full
Guru's Weirdness - not full
Guru's 2nd Chance XII - not full

Last count: 244 valid teams as of 11:30 pm EST 1/1
(and 6 invalid teams!)
Please check the list of valid teams to make sure I have yours listed.

Let's try to fill all of the existing leagues before starting a new one. I'd like to keep the number of separate leagues to a minimum, to eliminate the need for excessive downloads. If all of the above leagues are full, then the next manager to register should open a new Guru's 2nd Chance league.

You may immediately begin to draft your roster, but remember the most important rule: DON'T COMPLETE A VALID ROSTER PRIOR TO JANUARY 1st. This is considered a felony in the Guru community, and carries an automatic sentence of shunning by the Guru and all of his law abiding follower's. That means I will not include your team in my on-site standings and analysis, which will be one of the primary benefits of participation in the 2nd Chance leagues.

I haven't drilled down to all of the teams yet, but I've heard via email from some of you that at least one team has already completed a valid roster. Whoever you are... the jig is up. Consider yourself shunned. (Either you cheated on Christmas day, which is probably punishable by a fate more hideous than a shunning by the Guru and his followers, or you are stupid and do not belong in this ensemble of highly intellectual hoopheads. Of course, I suppose it's always possible that you are a male who just fell victim to our biologically inborn tendency to avoid reading the instructions at all costs, but even if so, tough. I have to maintain standards.)

[Note: If anyone cannot get access to the internet on Dec 31 or Jan 1 to complete their valid roster, and wants to petition in advance for a "hardship waiver", send me an email ( and state your case. I'll try to make arrangements to accomodate legitimate conflicts.]

[Note: Since there is only one game scheduled for December 31 - Wash vs. Toronto - you can activate your roster as early as December 30th, as long as you have no players in that game.]

Go back to the 2nd chance league page for a recap of all the rules.

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