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Smallworld Hoops - Dream Teams

When I started this site, I suggested several "Dream Team" rosters, which were designed to maximize SWP/G based on the most recent 10 games for each player, using several different maximum roster values and updated player prices. My first effort was as of 12/15, and the second was as of 12/21. Jay Siegel won all three value categories for the first contest on January 9th.

First, let me offer a few caveats about these Dream Teams. I am not suggesting that this is the best way to assemble your real roster. In fact, it is not the way I assemble mine. The focus of this exercise is to maximize SWP production based on recent performance. It does not consider the ability to sustain that performance, and it does not consider the potential for generating price gains or losses. Many times, those considerations are more important. Instead, the Dream Team exercise is a fun way to tink about and manipulate possible rosters using current prices. And, it can help point out attractively priced players who you might not have otherwise noticed.

I had hoped to update these weekly, but frankly (although I know that the preponderance of evidence suggests that I have all the time in the world), I find that maintaining the other aspects of this site consumes about as much time as I'm willing to devote. (Contrary to appearances, I do have a life outside of fantasy sports.) However, since some of you have specifically asked me to update these dream teams, here's an offer to let you do the work. If any of you want to take a stab at assembling a current dream team, submit your proposed roster. I'll publish the best submission for each value limit.

Here are the ground rules:
1. Use prices as last updated by Smallworld on Friday, January 23.

2. Use SWP/G for the most recent ten games through Jan. 22, as published here.

3. Exclude players who are currently inactive. This includes not only players on Injured Reserve, but also those who have not played recently due to injury or illness. Essentially, I want players whose price primarily reflects their statistical performance, not their likelihood (or unlikelihood) to play. A list of these ineligible players is provided below. (You'll notice that it's not an exhaustive list, as I've concentrated only on those who would otherwise have a possibility of showing up on a dream team.)

4. You can submit rosters for any or all of three different roster value limits: $50m, $75m, and $100m.

5. Submit your suggested rosters to me via email at List "Dream Teams" as the subject of the message. In the message, for each dream team submitted, list the total SWP/G for the team, and list the names of the 12 players. It will be helpful if you spell the names exactly as they appear on my stat pages, and list one player per line. Please send your submissions by 6:00 pm EST Sunday evening, Jan. 25 (Superbowl kickoff, I imagine). I'll post the best submission for each price range later on Sunday evening (probably around the time the Packers have it wrapped up).

Players not eligible for the January 23rd Dream Teams:
Divac, Vlade
Ellison, Pervis
Ewing, Patrick
Gatling, Chris
Grant, Brian
Hardaway, Anfernee
Johnson, Kevin
Olajuwon, Hakeem
Sprewell, Latrell
Stith, Bryant
Williams, Brian
Williams, Eric
Williams, Lorenzo

Some of the statistical data provided on this site is based upon raw data provided by other sources which is believed to be reliable, but for which no guarantee of accuracy can be made. Site visitors who believe certain data is inaccurate are encouraged to report such suspiscions via email to the Guru.

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