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NBA Links

The web is full of information which is helpful in managing your fantasy NBA team. Obviously, you can check out the usual national sports sites, like ESPN, CNN-SI, & USA Today. However, there are some others that I find to be more useful - better layouts, and more focused on what I need to know.

Rotonews: An absolute must! Check this site each day to stay up on who just got injured, or who's about to come off the injury list. There are a lot of useful links at this site as well, including links to the local papers in each of the NBA cities. If you're looking for the inside scoop on any particular player, this site is invaluable. Probably the best of the league-sponsored sites. If you're one of those addicts that likes to check up on your players while the games are in progress, the live-action boxscores are not to be missed. Most stats are updated every 40 seconds during games. The final boxscores at this site are also easier to work with than most, as all stats (not just points & rebounds, but also blocks, steals, assists... everything that's measured) are laid out in a table format.

Here are some other links you might want to check out:

Yahoo! provides year-to-date NBA player stats in a format which is easy to import.

Doug's NBA & MLB Stats - Another good source for downloadable stats. Includes ability to get stats for just the most recent 10 games.

Hoopheads - You can get downloadable individual game boxscores here.

The Sports Genius - a fantasy sports site with strategy advice and other related info and links.

If you are aware of any links that you think should be included, send them to me and I'll consider adding them. And if you have your own site(s), please feel free to add links to this site on yours.

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